Visual Identity & Pilot Issue Layout designed for ‘Konteiner’. ‘Eleftherotipia’ newspapers publication dealing with Culture & Politics.



Publicity created for events at Polis Bar, at the centre of Athens.


Marka T-Shirt

T-Shirt brand created based in Athens. Logotype & visual identity, packaging, publicity and many t-shirt prints designed. The Brand produced 4 collections, from 2007 to 2009.



Visual Identity designed for “Eclipse” bar & restaurant located in Kolonaki, Athens

Intrepid Fox Flyer

Illustrated flyer for event at the Intrepid Fox Bar in Gazi, Athens.


Migration Poster

By invitation of IMEPO, the Greek Institute for Migration, 30 international designers where asked to make a poster regarding migration.




38 Seconds (for BSB)

Book & event flyer designed based on television commercial for BSB, Greek based clothes manufacturer. Artwork by Greg Psychogios.



Visual identity and “Polaroid” information pack designed for Atelier Loukia, Greece’s foremost Haute Couture Designer

3rd International Science Film Festival

Brochure designed for the 3rd International Science Film Festival in Athens. Organized by CAID.

Aera T-Shirt

Visual identity as well as T-shirt prints designed for SAM 013. Leading manufacturer of childrens clothing in Greece.